Thursday, February 22, 2007

Valentine - Making Memories

The very first Valentines Day that Larry and I knew each other was spent emailing. Larry and I had just become email friends through my sister Mary and his sister-in-law Jeannie. He had a date and I was at church doing childcare so parents could have an evening out. Fast forward a year and our first valentines as a married couple was spent at the Majestic Inn in Anacortes. Larry booked a room, I had a long red satin dress to surprise him, he escorted me down a sweeping stairway that curved from the second floor to the lobby and we had a magnificent five course dinner.

Year two as a married couple was memorable because Larry brought home red roses, chocolates, flowers, and Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Our daughter Kelly laughed and thought it was great for her but knew it wasn’t what I was expecting. Quiet dinners at home or dinner out, it really doesn’t matter as long as we are happy.

This year Larry gave me an option for dinner at the country club or poker at the Harley shop. I chose poker, even though I don’t actually play, I knew some our friends would be there, and it would be a fun memory. Dinner was pizza, poppers, and beef taquitos. There was wine and roses for the ladies. We watched our friends play poker and cheered them on. We did a little shopping and lots of laughing.

Rick surprised Angie when they arrived with a bear dressed in Harley leathers and holding a balloon. Dave and Rita stopped at Costco for their annual valentine’s hotdog before arriving for poker night. Others celebrated with chocolates, presents, or dinner before arriving. It was definitely a different valentines and I enjoyed it.

I sent the kids little mini teddy bear finger puppets and candy canes. They know mom always has to do something a little different. My brother Jerry and my sister-in-law Laura celebrated their thirty-second wedding anniversary. I am sure he whipped up a gourmet dinner complimented with the perfect wine. My oldest son Jim took his dinner break when his girlfriend Heather had a break in classes so they could have time together.

My two dozen long stemmed roses arrived a day early and I had two really sweet romantic cards from my husband. I surprised Larry with a card and dark chocolate covered dried cherries which are now his favorite.

It’s not all about spending lots of money or fancy restaurants to savor memories of special days. It’s the time spent together making the memories.

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