Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09-27-09 The baby shower


When I picked up my rental car, they were out of full size cars, so they gave me a Dodge Journey SUV. Good thing because the back end is loaded with gifts. I dropped Kelly off at Kelly Walkers home and headed to Costco and Albertsons to get the food for the shower.

Let the party begin. We had lime sherbet punch, sandwiches, pizza, chips, dips, snacks, M&M’s, and Nikki made cupcakes with baby faces. There were about 15-16 at the shower, some of the girls had to work and couldn’t attend.

Nikki and Kim had games for everyone to play with the favorites, trying to find a safety pin in the bowl of rice (it’s not as easy as it sounds…no one won) and the all time favorite was trying to figure out which melted, smooshed up, candy bars was in each of the 6 diapers. Everyone laughed, joked, and Kelly wound up guessing all of them correctly.

Baby Kyler wound up getting just about everything he could possibly need. A stroller/car seat combination, pack and play (sort of like a cradle/playpen), diapers, clothes, bibs, diaper genie, more clothes. It took a little arranging to get everything in my SUV when we headed home.

Kelly asked Kyle to help me unload a few things when we got home. Needless to say he was a little overwhelmed when he saw what was inside the vehicle. The living room looks like they are just moving in with all the boxes and bags. Kelly showed Kyle everything they received at the shower. They were truly blessed today with kind and caring friends and family.

A short rest and we head off the hospital to see baby Kyler. He is now 4 pounds 2 ounces. The boy is on a growth spurt! Kyler is sleeping and Kelly is exhausted so we only stay about an hour at the hospital and then head home.

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