Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kyler 9-26-09


I woke with a sinus headache on Saturday morning and couldn’t sleep in. 7:45 AM and I am wide awake. Vitamins, Tylenol, sinus medication, and Starbucks coffee in a bottle, I should be feeling better soon.

Kyle went to the gym and Kelly and I are going to go garage sale shopping today and see if we can find some fun things for Kyler. After a trip to Babies-R-Us and sticker shock, we need to find some bargains, and we did. A glider rocker for $25.00 and not $300.00. Kelly said Kyle would come through the door, see the rocker and that would be as far as he went. Good thing I didn’t bet with her, I would have lost.

Kelly and I drove to the airport to pick up Marissa’s husband Brian because she had to work and Brian was returning from a training mission.

Nap time.

4 pounds. Wow. How amazing. The doctor said Kyler is on his last bag of vitamins, fats, and nutrients and when it is gone they will see how well he does off of it. If he is okay, they remove his PICC line in about a week. They will then take Kyler off caffeine and see how he reacts. There was very little residual left from his previous feeding.

Kyler had his eyes open when we arrived, lying on his tummy. He really responds very quickly to Kelly and Kyle talking to him. He ties to lift his head and move around as he listens to them and feels them touch him.

I brought a new Golden Treasury book with about 10-12 stories so Kyle would have something new to read to Kyler. Kyle was excited to read a story to his son (The Seven Little Postmen) rhymed and made sense.

It was Saturday afternoon in Vegas so we used city streets to get to and from the hospital. Kyle had dinner out with a friend and Kelly and I made a quick trip to the mall to find something cute for her to wear to the baby shower tomorrow. Other than the fire alarm going off in the mall, starting to evacuate, sort of, she found a cute tank top and cardigan sweater.

We stopped for tacos on the way home and early to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

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