Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday September 11th

Well today baby Kyler had a setback. They began giving him 8 mil of milk and he was not digesting it. They did an x-ray and determined he is fine except for some gas in his stomach and he is not passing it. They have put him on an IV and taken blood for test so his little hand is bruised. He had several episode last night of sleep apnea so they have put his air tube back in his nose. They have also placed one of the lights back over his bassinet. What else? He lost a little weight because he didn’t digest the milk.

It is very hard on Kelly and Kyle today visiting their son. Kyler is so tired from the procedures that he slept the whole time they visited with him earlier in the day.

They think that Kyler was given to much milk and could not digest it. They removed the gas from his stomach but his body functions are not back to normal. He is on an IV drip for several days and will have another x-ray tomorrow to make sure nothing else is causing a problem. His protective eye band was placed back on him because the lights been turned on again.

The little guy was still pretty tired and slept with his parent watching over him during their evening visit.

Please continue your prayers for baby Kyler and his parents.

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