Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kyler 9-24-09

9-24-09 Thursday

I’ve had my red bag packed for a week…well almost; I keep adding little things to it. The red bag is filled with baby shower gifts. Scout the talking-singing dog from Leap Frog that is pre-programmed to say Kyler’s name. Bath towels to match the colors in Kyler’s room, books, toys, clothes, gifts from Norma and Patty Karcher. There’s a scrapbook with a special page for Kyler already made and enough supplies to keep Kelly busy for a long time. And photo paper for the computer to fill up those scrapbook pages. The rental car is booked and I’m checked in online for my flight.

Tuesday evening our new Harley trike arrived at H-D Bellingham. We picked it up on get grab my leathers and we would go for a short ride before I left for the airport. It’s a little different riding and not seeing over the top of Larry’s helmet will probably be my biggest adjustment. The fact that Larry has had the trike less than 24 hours and wants to ride it everywhere is a major plus for changing bikes. This will take the stress off his bad knee. We didn’t have the new communication system figured out so we had to just talk loud with our helmets bumped up against each others heads. Larry will have all these little details figured out by the time I return.

Larry dropped me at the airport and left after I got my bag checked in and a boarding pass in hand. I always get a little nervous flying alone. Did I forget something? This time I need to get my rental care and drive from the south end of Las Vegas to Nellis Air Force Base, and do it at night in a construction zone. Getting the car back to the rental return will be the hardest task.

This is such a different trip today than 2 weeks ago. Instead of worrying about an emergency surgery and emergency transport teams, this visit is all about visiting and celebrations. I am so excited to see baby Kyler. I know at 3 pounds 10 ounces he is still tiny, but he is almost a pound more than the last time I saw him, 2 weeks ago.

I used my 30 day base pass and arrived at Kelly and Kyle’s house about 9:30 PM. I unloaded my bags and we headed to the hospital. The nurse fills us in on Kyler’s progress since the day before. He is now 3 pounds 14 ounces and he fills out his little body. Kelly thinks he would have been between 7 and 8 pounds if he had been full term. Kyler tried hard to keep his eyes open as mom and dad talked to him. Kelly held Kyler during his feeding. When it was Kyle’s turn to hold the baby, Kyler spit up on him.

Even if Kyler were not my grandbaby, he would still be a really cute baby. I like the way he scrunches up his forehead and makes little faces. Wonder what he dreams about? Kelly said he doesn’t really cry any more when he gets a blood test but take his temperature, change his diaper, or give him a bath and he can cry and let you know he’s mad. The little guy is tired and we are too. Sweet dreams Kyler.

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