Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 7 part II

I awoke about 8:30 Am and thought Kelly was up and getting ready without waking me. No, it was Kyle starting breakfast and trying to let me sleep in. I sent him back to bed, finished fixing breakfast, served Kelly and Kyle breakfast in bed, and then we all went back to sleep after calling the hospital to check in on Kyler. It’s been a long week.

Kyle had to load the passengers on the plane and load their luggage before he could board the plane. He then had to unload the passengers, unload their luggage at the next stop. He did this all the way home, over and over again. He didn’t care; he was coming home to his family.

Kim and Tony met us at the hospital for their first NICU visit with Kyler. Only three people are allowed at the bassinet at a time so I waited in the lounge with Tony and later Kelly stepped out with me so Tony could go in. They think our baby Kyler is pretty amazing and they should since they are the Vegas grandparents.

Kyler does not have an infection. The problem with his leg was either a reaction to the tape or something they used to clean his leg. His skin is very sensitive right now. They have decided to put a new PICC line in because it can last up to 30 days and an IV can be a matter of days. At first they were going to leave the IV line in as a backup, but then decided to remove it completely. Baby Kyler didn’t fuss too much when they put the PICC line in. It runs from his ankle up his leg and into his chest. Scary! He has gained an ounce and seems to be digesting the milk without to many problems. He is now on a three hour schedule for feedings.

Mary the charge nurse who helped get Kyler set up when he arrived last week was on duty today. She checked his progress when he came in and told me that he was doing just fine. All the nurses say he is spunky, feisty, lively, active, a mind of his own.

We left around 3:00 PM and went to Tagashi House for lunch. Then it was home and nap time before the evening visit. Kelly wanted to fix Kyle’s favorite dinner, onion burgers, and her grandmother’s recipe.

Off to the hospital. Kyler is resting with his legs out of the roller blanket they try to keep him snuggled into. Exerting his power and control. We each take turns reading books to Kyler. Kelly read Who’s My Mom, Kyle read Hop On Pop, and I read Good Night Moon.

Kyler has had a big day changing out his IV and PICC lines and everything looks good this evening. He is sort of worn out and sleeping with an occasional leg that kicks straight up into the air. He recognizes his mom and dad’s voices and he takes hold of their fingers as they touch him and talk to him.

His nurse check in with Kelly and Kyle and give them his updates since we were there in the afternoon. She calls Kyler the “little man”.

I kissed my finger tips and placed them on Kyler’s cheek then said goodnight. I left Kelly and Kyle alone with their son and went down to the family lounge to wait.

I’m not sure how I am going to leave this baby and go home. Maybe we could move?

We stopped at Dave’s favorite store on the way home, “Wally World” better known as Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. It’s only two blocks from the main entrance to the base so it is convenient. We watched a movie after we got home and just sort of kicked back and relaxed. Three visits in one day. Whoopee!

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