Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday September 10th, 2009

It’s 8:30 AM and time to get ready to go to the hospital and then the airport. My ticket is purchased but I need to check my suitcase when I arrive at the airport. The drive from the hospital to the airport should only be about 15/20 minutes but it will be noon time in Las Vegas with the weekend crowd beginning to arrive in town.
Baby Kyler is asleep on his tummy. They just finished feeding him and he is content. We keep looking at him trying to figure out what is different today. Kyle realizes the air tube has been removed.

In his sleep Kyler grabs at his feeding tube and Kelly pries his little fingers loose. The nurse said she has seen babies pull it out. Kelly asks about Kyler’s weight and he has gained another ounce and is now 2 pounds 14 ounces. Almost back to his birth weight. He is doing really well on the breat milk and will be at 4 ½ pound in no time at all.

Kyler’s nurse is pregnant and due a week after Kyler’s real due date. She looks at Kyler and rubs her tummy and baby girl. Looks like Kyler has won over another nurse. Before she moves on to check the other babies, she comments on how cute he is. We all agree.

Kyler tried opening an eye but sleep won out. I had one more chance to read to Kyler and Kyle laughed because “Good Night Moon” seems to make him move around, and it did. We are satisfied to just site and watch this sleeping baby that we love so much.

Almost time to leave for the airport. I cupped my hand around Kyler’s head and he tried to open his eyes. His little body is squirming as I ever so gently touch his head and soft hair with my thumb. His eyes open and he sort of rolls his eyes backwards to where I am standing over the bassinet. Kyle said he was trying to look at grandma. I kissed my finger tips and placed them on the top of his head. I closed the bassient door and moved to the other side to look at Kyler’s face one more time before I left. Kelly said I would cry and I had to fight back the tears. Sweet dreams baby. Don’t forget my voice and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

Kelly asked if I minded being called grandma. No! I’m loving every minute of this and proud to have a grandson, my first grandbaby. When Kyler is big enough I take him for special trips to get hamburgers and play at the playground.

I promised Kyle I wouldn’t spoil Kyler with too many toys. Clothes, books, and lots of hugs, kisses, and love.

Traffic was light on the way to the airport. Check in was quick. The security line was really long. Two good-byes in one day is almost more than I could take. I kissed my son (son-in-law is just not enough to describe Kyle) good-bye, knowing he is taking care of my daughter and grandbaby. This is comforting because I know how much he loves them both.

Kissing my daughter Kelly good-bye was really, really hard. I know she is in good hand, but the mom in me wants to stay and take care of her. Ten days ago she had an emergency c-section and I remember how hard it is to be dependent on someone else to drive you places and do things for you. I had my mom and I feel like am abandoning her. I’m not; I know that mentally, my heart says something different.

I found a Starbucks and had the first cup of coffee in 10 days other than bottled Starbucks. Grandma needed a caffeine shot like Kyler. The plane is boarding early and I try to sleep the first half hour. It’s a long flight home and home seems like a million miles away from Las Vegas, even though it is only 2 hours and 40 minutes on this direct flight. Not as long as the flight I took on the day Kyler was born.

I made Kelly promise to give me daily updates and pictures. Maybe it will help the next two weeks go by quicker. I doubt it. Next visit is the baby shower.

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