Thursday, September 10, 2009

9-9-09 Wednesday

Wednesday 9-9-09

Kelly and Kyle spent the morning taking care of paperwork on base, making sure baby Kyler has medical coverage and a pediatrician when he is released from the hospital (this is one of the requirements for his release when he is ready).

Kelly didn’t get a lot of sleep so she napped in the afternoon after lunch. I fell asleep in the chair and when the phone rang I woke up to find Kyle had come home and was curled on the sofa with Kelly.

We left for the hospital about 4:00 PM. We arrived just in time to see Kyler getting his diaper changed and he peed on the nurse. So while the nurse changed Kyler’s bedding she needed Kelly or Kyle to hold him. She picked him up as an experienced nurse but to new parents it looks a little scary and Kyle reached right out to hold his son. When she found out the first time he had held Kyler, she moved Kyler around a little so he was snuggled up closer to dad.

Next was Kyler’s feeding and then his shot of caffeine. He didn’t have any episodes of forgetting to breathe today. Good job Kyler! Kelly said he needs to have 7 days in a row before it is safe to remove the tube that supplies air.

The nurse left the bassinet top off so we could spend more time with Kyler. Kyle read to him and I just admired my new grandson. I gave hugs to a couple of the nurses who were on duty the day Kyler arrived. The staff has been wonderful about answering questions, giving helpful suggestions, taking the time to just talk with Kelly and Kyle to make them more relaxed. The nurses all seem to love our baby Kyler.

Nikki came to visit to I went to the family room to wait while she had a chance to see the baby. Before Nikki left she came to say good-bye to me and let me know she is getting married in Oct. She will be a beautiful bride.

We left right before 7:00 PM to have dinner at BJ’s, across the street from Red Rock Casino. This is one of Kelly and Kyle’s favorite restaurants and Larry and I took them there when we were in Vegas in April.

Kyler was on his tummy when we returned with his legs pulled up under him. He tried to open his eyes but he had just been fed about an hour before and his tummy was full and he was tired. I read “Good Night Moon” to Kyler for the last time this visit. Next visit, grandma will have to bring more books.

Kyler raised his head up and turned it to the other side. The nurse said he was strong baby. She moved his head back to the other side and wrapped him a little tighter. We said our goodnights but Kyler wasn’t letting go of Kelly’s finer. She gently loosened his fingers and I whispered sweet dreams to him. Kelly kissed her fingers and placed them on his cheek and Kyle told his son he loved him.

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