Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kyler...September 13th

Kelly called about 9:30 PM to give me a grandma update on baby Kyler. They have given Kyler some medicine to help him digest the milk. He’s little and his system is still trying to make everything work correctly. They did another x-ray to make sure there was nothing wrong with his digestive system and it is good. The lights will probably come off in a couple of days and they have reduced his air to 1 liter.

Dirty diapers, wet diapers, it’s all a good thing.

Kelly and Kyle visited with Kyler Sunday morning and then went to Kim and Tony’s for dinner. Kim’s daughter is visiting and she is pregnant and due in December. Kelly Walker was there with her children. It was a full house for dinner.

Kelly and Kyle went back to the hospital in the evening. They each held Kyler for an hour and he did really well holding his body temperature. Kelly said Kyler pretty much slept through them holding him with just an occasional open eye and back to sleep. Kelly said that Kyler started crying when he had to be put back in the bassinet, spitting and throwing a fit. Guess Kyler knows where he feels safe and secure…his parent’s arms, as it should be.

Kelly read to Kyler earlier today and Kyle read “Good Night Moon” to him before they left.

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