Saturday, September 05, 2009

Day 4

Day 4 – Sept. 4th, 2009

Kelly had visited baby Kyler earlier in the day. The nurses said Kyler had a bath and did not want to be placed on his side or his back. He wanted to lie on his tummy and when he did he pulled his little legs up under him which pushed his ohhh so tiny butt in the air.

8:30 PM Kelly and I left for the hospital. There was a warm wind blowing and a light mist covering the windshield of the car as we drive to the hospital. As we look out across the valley we can see lightening strikes in the distant hills. This is the first night since I arrived in Las Vegas that I have driven Kelly to the hospital at night. Looking at the lights on the strip seems so foreign from previous trips visiting here were you sort of seem mesmerized by the glitz and glamour. This time the lights are shinning on a little star at Sunrise Hospital.

I dropped Kelly off at the front door to the hospital and went to park the car near the emergency room entrance. After 10:00 PM the only entrance to the hospital is at the emergency room, in or out and after 10:00 PM you must leave your ID at the desk until you leave. I like this security system.

I scrubbed in and as I walked around the corner of the curtain to Kyler’s bassinet, Kelly was sitting in a chair on the other side holding Kyler in her arms. She had a smile on her face like the Cheshire cat or the cat that ate the canary. She was waiting for me and laughed at the look on my face. She asked if I was going to cry. No! Get tears on my baby? No way.

Kyler was snuggled up in a receiving blanket cradled close to Kelly where she rocked him gently in her arms and cooed softly to him. I’m not sure how long she held him, but didn’t give him up until the nurse said he needed to have the lights put back on him.

The nurse said he is feisty and has a mind of his own and up to mischief. He has pulled his heart monitor off twice, his protective head gear off once, move his wiring and he puts up a fuss. The nurse said he has taken control.

I read Kyler his Dr. Seuss book and he quieted down and went to sleep for a short time. When the nurse put his vitamins into his IV bag he began to cry. Kelly gave him his pacifier and because he can’t quite hold it in, she held it in place and Kyler again settled down. Next it was the hiccups. I know they are normal but watching his tiny chest contract over and over again was sort of scary. He didn’t seem upset by them and after several minutes they stopped.

We spent about 3 hours at the hospital but it is so hard to walk away and say goodnight even for a few hours when we will return.

Kelly is doing amazingly well. She is upbeat, what little tummy she had is disappearing, and she is eating well and drinking lots of liquids. She and Kyler both would do much better if Kyle could come home for a short visit but it doesn’t appear that the military is going to let him come home. Kelly said it was almost like Kyler was looking for his dad and if he arrived early, dad would be there for him. Just get big and strong Kyler, your daddy loves you and will be home soon.

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