Sunday, September 06, 2009

9-5-09 Day 6...Part I and II

9-5-09 Saturday

Part I

I met Kelly at the hospital in the afternoon. I gave her a kiss and did a quick check on baby Kyler. The paddle is on his right hand now and he has an IV inserted. His right leg looks sort of blistered and red. They found an infection on his PICC line and had to remove it. They are giving him antibiotics and antibiotic cream on his leg. They are running blood test and the first one is negative for anything serious. They will continue to run blood test for several days and cell count for check his white cell count and protein levels.

Baby Kyler continues his two shots a day of caffeine. He is taking breast milk every six hours by a tube. He is still getting his Las Vegas tan and doing. The night before Kyler only had on episode of shallow breathing but he self corrected quickly without the nurses needing to give him a little massage.

Kelly and I both read to Kyler today. We need to find him some more books or he is going to have this one memorize and when he starts talking it will starting quoting the book.

Kelly was getting tried and hungry so we left for the afternoon and will return later tonight. We stopped for a quick bit to eat, sort of on the run and then a stop at Target to get a few things she needed. We took a short cut down the strip (I know this doesn’t sound right but she does know how to get around this town) and over to the other side of town to the fight shop. She wants to buy miniature boxing gloves, the size you find on a keychain and have Nikki make her a mobile for Kyler’s room.

Kelly showed me how to enter the base from a side entrance and saw the fighter jets mounted on large cement post with their noses pointed in the air. This is a historical reference of the older aircraft and an amazing art and photographic shot. Pictures another day.

Nap time and then back to the hospital sometime after 8:00 PM.

Part II

I dropped Kelly off, parked the car and scrubbed in. By the time I arrived Kelly was holding Kyler. She said he sometimes looks like an old man when he scrunches up his face when he gets made. He can look anyway he wants…he’s the boss and she knows it. We notice last night he has chapped lips and today they have started putting something on them to help them heal up. I told them last night I wanted to put my chap stick with SP45 on his lips so maybe thought I was serious and beat me to it. Kyler’s foot and leg looks much better tonight.

Kyler seems to get the hiccups every night about the same time. Kelly said he did when she was carrying him also.
When they put Kyler back in his bassinet they took his temperature and he held it while Kelly was holding him. That is a really good sign that he can maintain his body temp. I read to him again and he slipped into a deeper sleep.

Right before we left Kelly got to change his diaper. This is progress. They do weigh his diaper afterwards to check his intake of fluids and what comes out.

It is almost midnight and we are going home to get some sleep then start our routine all over again tomorrow.

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